JRC Exective Board Elections

Updated Saturday March 4, 2017 by Noel Sevilla.

On May 4th 2017, Jarrettsville Rec Council will be holding elections for several positions on the Executive Board. These positions are either vacant or up for re-election. Those positions are:

  1. Vice-President: Vacant
  2. Board of Directors: 2 Positions Available

If you are interested or know anyone interested please contact Coach Noel T. Sevilla on the Board of Directors. Please include a short narrative of yourself so voting members can get a chance to know you prior to elections. Below is a copy of the by-laws and the function of the available positions.


Executive Board

1. Composition.

The President, Vice President, Secretary and all members of the Board of Directors shall

comprise the Executive Board.


2. Function of the Executive Board.

2.1 The Executive Board is the governing body of the Council. The business and

affairs of the Council shall be managed under the direction of the Executive Board and all

powers of the Council may be exercised by or under authority of the Executive Board.

2.2 The Executive Board shall, from time to time, establish rules, policies and

procedures for the governance, business and operation of the Council. Such rules, policies and procedures shall be binding on the entire Membership and all participants in the Council Programs.

2.3 The Executive Board shall, among other things:

2.3.1 Resolve conflicts between Council Programs or within a Council Program.

2.3.2 Allocate the Council’s outdoor and indoor physical facilities and resolve any scheduling conflicts for the use of physical facilities.

2.3.3 Develop and approve the Council’s annual administrative/operating budget.

2.3.4 Review and approve the budget for each Council Program.



The Vice President shall perform the following duties:

4.2.1 Assist the President in Council matters.

4.2.2 Preside at any meeting of the Council and/or the Executive Board at which the President is not present.

4.2.3 If the office of President becomes vacant for any reason, become President for the unexpired portion of the then current two (2) year term and until his/her successor is elected at an Annual Meeting in accordance with these Bylaws.

4.2.4 Perform such duties as may be delegated by the President or Board of Directors from time to time.

Board of Directors

1. Number.

Commencing with the Annual Meeting to be held in May 2012, the Board of Directors

shall consist of five (5) Directors. The number of Directors may thereafter be increased or

decreased from time to time upon the vote of a majority of the Voting Membership; provided, that the number of Directors shall not be less than four (4) nor more than seven (7). A change in the number of Directors shall not affect the tenure of any then current elected Director.


2. Function of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall, among other things:

2.1 Assist in policy formulation for the Council.

2.2 Accept special assignments from the President.

2.3 Attend General Meetings, Executive Board meetings and special meetings.

2.4 Establish financial policies and procedures that are to be followed by the

Treasurer, the bookkeeper and the entire Membership.

2.5 Appoint and oversee the Treasurer and establish, modify and update the

Treasurer’s responsibilities and duties from time to time.

2.6 With input from the Treasurer, hire a Bookkeeper.

2.7 Determine the compensation to be paid to the Bookkeeper and establish,

modify and update the Bookkeeper’s responsibilities and duties from time to time.

2.8 Conduct an annual performance review of the Bookkeeper and determine

whether the Bookkeeper’s responsibilities, duties, functions, compensation or hours of work require any adjustment.

2.9 Designate a replacement Treasurer in the event the Treasurer is removed or is otherwise unable or unwilling to serve as Treasurer.

2.10 Hire a replacement Bookkeeper in the event the Bookkeeper is terminated

or is otherwise unable or unwilling to serve as Bookkeeper.


The by-laws require all nominations to be in seven (7) days prior to the election so please email me with your narrative by Tuesday April 28, 2017 at Coach Noel T. Sevilla Dep5ptstar@hotmail.com when the nominations and narrative will be forward to the voting members on the council. Feel free to email me with any questions you may have.